When it comes to buying and taking care of your first watch there are some things you’ll need to know. This will be a quick and simple guide to buying your first watch, and then how to care for it. So let’s jump right in according to the watchamania.

There are a couple of things you’ll have to consider when shopping around for a watch. The first and foremost being, where you will be using it. If you’re looking for a watch for everyday use then look for a sturdy watch that will last a while. Things to look for are; how long the brand is known to last, plastic or metal face rings, the amount of small devices inside the face, (ie. time, date, weather, temperature gauges). These are just a small number of things to consider when looking into what watch you’re going to buy. For your first watch a simple single-face, metal-ringed watch is probably going to be your best bet for actual usage and durability.

The next item to consider is are you going to use this watch for outdoor activities. If so, getting a watch that is waterproof or able to track things such as distance traveled and heart-rate meters is going to be your next stop on what to look for. Because there are plenty of sports and fitness watches out there that do exactly that.

Style watches are next on the list. If you’re buying a watch to go with your suit or for more formal occasions, then you want to go with a more simple, but elegant watch. One that is rimmed with gold-plate or has chrome or silver features. These watches tend to be a bit more expensive, and they’re durability rating and battery life are a little lower. However, they look nice and will be a dignified and ornate accessory to your ensemble.

After choosing a watch that meets your everyday or occasional needs, next is knowing how to care for your new watch. Simply put, cleaning your watch is going to be a weekly or bi-weekly activity. Like any other glass product, clean the face with a glass or window cleaning solution with warm water. Taking the back plate and gasket out will allow you to clean any dust or dirt that has gotten into the small crevices in your watch. Using cotton swab can achieve this with ease and will stop your watch from becoming grimey and hard to care for.

This was simple guide to what you need to know when shopping around for your first watch, as well as how to care for the watch once you have it.