Conditions Of Car Warranties

All Aspects of a Car Warranty

car-warranty-optionsIf a car breaks down then the owner of the vehicle can be left with an expensive repair bill. One way for vehicle owners to protect themselves against an unexpected cost like this is to take out an extended vehicle warranty. This will cover any repairs that need to be made to the car in the event of a breakdown. The owner of a vehicle will usually pay a monthly fee, which is often more affordable than finding a large payment that has to made to an auto shop after repair work has been carried out on the car. The disadvantage of this is that if the car never needs any repairs then money would have been paid out for nothing. However, as cars get older then they are more likely to need work doing at some point. The longer the person owns the car, the higher the likelihood that they will eventually need to have it repaired.

The terms and conditions of a car warranty will vary depending on the company that it is taken out with. However, there are certain conditions which most companies will have in common as they are seen to be standard across the industry. When a person is considering whether to take out a car warranty, consideration should be given to whether they think they will be able to meet these conditions.

Use Of Approved Garages

While most companies will not prevent the owner of the car from taking it to a shop of their choice to have any repairs carried out, they will often have a list of recommended garages that they would prefer the car to be taken to. The advantage for the car owner of taking the car to a recommended garage is that the warranty company would pay this garage directly for any work that has been done on the vehicle. If the car is taken to a garage that has not been approved by the company then the car owner may have to pay for the work themselves and then be reimbursed once they have made a claim to the warranty company.

Wear And Tear May Not Be Included

If the cause of a car breakdown is down to wear and tear of a part, rather than due to a fault then the repair of this part may not be covered by the warranty, which means that it becomes the responsibility of the owner to pay for any work that has been carried out on the vehicle. Some companies will include an option to include cover for breakdowns caused by wear and tear. This may slightly increase the monthly payments but can be more cost-effective in the long run, especially for older vehicles.

There May Be Requirements To Get The Car Serviced

An annual service may be required by some companies in order to validate the cover they offer. This is a precaution that they take in order to ensure that the vehicle is being properly looked after. If a claim is made then the company may ask to see proof of the latest service before they will pay the claim out. More information can be found on